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Your quick-and-dirty guide to a thriving presence on Upwork.

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The-end-all-be-all starter's guide to Upwork.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll walk away with everything you need to know about how you can put Upwork to work for your business:

Expertise for finding the absolute best, high-ticket opportunities aligned to your skillset.

You'll know how to seamlessly navigate Upwork's most needle-moving features for finding killer, high-value project opportunities.

Dream clients finding YOU on Upwork.

With hundreds of thousands of active clients who are ready to hire, Upwork is a powerful passive lead generator. With this course, you won’t have to go looking for clients that are thrilled to invest in your services--they’ll find you.

Automated methods to nail outreach & win the work.

Stop spending hours applying for jobs and pitching clients. You’ll learn my proven framework (with the help of customizable templates!) for quickly capturing Upwork clients’ attention and captivating them with your proposal.

Carly Cheton

High Velocity, High Impact Course  that Gets You Freelancing on Upwork Fast

The Starter Pack gives you the most essential, needle-moving criteria to build your Upwork presence from the ground up. As a fast track to a thriving freelance business, this course is perfect for you if you:

Don't have time to waste with trial & error--and want a proven path to follow instead.
Have dabbled in freelance but have found yourself overwhelmed by the business aspect, and have struggled to attract enough high-paying clients.
Want to start taking tangible, concrete steps toward making your own money with your passions.
Are dying to leave your 9-5, or even want to supplement your career with a lucrative and fulfilling freelance side-hustle.

The Starter Pack Promise

Building a successful presence on Upwork can be hard. Hundreds of hours went into laboring over my Proposal messaging, constantly tweaking my Profile, and delivering countless sales pitches–but I ultimately got to a place of ease and confidence in how I use the platform today.

In under 3 hours, I want to give you all the benefits of all this experience without all of the time, guesswork, and effort that would normally be required to build a presence from scratch.

Here's what you'll receive with this workshop:

The essentials you need: no more and no less. This workshop gives you everything you need to get started on Upwork in under 3 hours, without needing to comb through company support articles or piece together YouTube tutorials. It’s the most immediate and targeted path to get you started on Upwork fast.
The ability to learn from a Top 1% Upworker. As an "Expert-Vetted" freelancer, I’m a top 1% performer on Upwork in how I earn and how I satisfy my clients. I’m sharing everything I know to help you skip the trial-and-error and begin earning today.
Your proven fast-track to freelancing. Upwork’s beauty is that there’s no need to set up contracts, invoicing systems, or marketing campaigns to grow your business. This course covers the most impactful aspects of starting on the platform so that you can launch a viable freelance business in less than 1 day.

Why Upwork, though?

Upwork is the fastest path to a thriving freelance career because it offers everything you need for a minimally viable business:

Clients Hiring

+180k clients in actively hiring and ready to pay today

Safe Payments

Safe & efficient payments


Built-in contracts


Automated invoicing

This means that you don’t have to waste your time setting up invoicing software, creating contracts, and spending countless hours networking or marketing yourself to find clients. With all of this taken care of by Upwork, you are free to leap right into the most effective revenue-generators: launching in-demand services that sell, positioning yourself as an irresistible expert, and building a  mindset of confident expectation for how things get to work for you.

what's included

5 Core Modules


How the Upwork Platform Works

A beginner’s rundown of the how behind Upwork’s marketplace model. We’ll define the key terms and features you’ll need to know in getting started.


Quality Jobs: How to Find Them + What to Look For

Your guide for identifying the absolute best freelance jobs to submit a proposal to–as well as avoiding bad clients and con artists.


How to Submit Your First Proposal

An introduction to the anatomy of an Upwork Proposal, with guidance around pricing your bid, writing your cover letter, and sharing the portfolio items that will captivate clients’ attention.


Introduction to Your Profile

An overview of the “home base” where clients learn more about you. Positioned strategically, your Profile will lead them to choose you as “the One” before you can even speak with them.


Doing the Work: Crushing Your First Job

Your framework for flawless Upwork execution, ranging from offer design and project communication, to ultimately getting paid, closing out, and securing a rave review.

Plus: Bonuses

Customizable Templates & Scripts

Seamlessly communicate with Upwork clients with all my standard scripts for submitting proposals, requesting reviews, and more.

New Module: Skillset Strategy

Learn my  framework  for picking skill segments with  low competitive saturation & high demand.

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"Carly takes freelancing and puts a structure and rigor around it so that it doesn’t seem ambiguous…"

"She helped me really make sure my work was meaningful to me, made sense, and was aligned with my passions and what brings me energy. I felt like she actually, really, truly cared about me -- my questions, my success, my needs -- and met me where I was."
Leah F., Digital Marketing Freelancer
My Story

Hi! I'm Carly


I’m on a mission to help you scale a 6-figure freelance career with confidence and simplicity.

Carly Cheton

What's Included with Your Workshop

The Upwork Starter Pack workshop includes 2.5+ hours of instructional video trainings and 40+ pages of pre-completed notes, plus 8 free Bonus Guides with expanded insight into the most pressing challenges and questions faced by new Upworkers.

You'll learn my most high-impact strategies with modules like Essentials of a Kickass Upwork Profile, Finding Quality Job Posts, How to Craft a Captivating Cover Letter, and How to Land on an Hourly Price Point. Your Bonus Guide Library will include the following:

+ Upwork's Paid "Freelancer Plus" Plan: Is It Worth It?
+ How to Guarantee Payment (Even if a Client Ghosts)
+ Easy Ways to Secure Rave Reviews on Upwork
+ How to Avoid Scams on Upwork
+ Proposal Boosting: How It Works & When to Use It
+ Job Success Score: How to Build, Protect & Restore It
+ What You Need to Know About Upwork’s Profile Badges
+ Your Guide to Upwork’s Project Catalog + Consultations Features

Ready to get started?

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Total Course Price


Most students earn back their investment with their first few jobs won on Upwork.

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"Carly boosted my confidence and relieved me from a lot of fear about actually moving forward and starting my own business…"

"She’s got such a supportive spirit -- she truly does make you feel like you can definitely do this. On top of that, she is experienced with Upwork, so she can bring all that knowledge and education and break it down for anyone in such an easy, recognizable way to execute on."
Julie F. - Project Management Freelancer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop for?

Designed as a crash course for absolute beginners, this workshop is best suited for anyone who is NEW to Upwork and wants to build a lasting presence on the platform. I do not recommend this workshop for anyone who is already familiar with using the platform.

What if I've never freelanced before? Will this course still help me? 

You don’t need to have any freelancing experience to gain value from this course. In fact, I would actually recommend the content to anyone who is initially exploring the idea of freelancing or creating a side hustle, as Upwork makes it remarkably easy to get started on this path.

What if I don’t know what service I want to offer yet? Can I do this course? 

Yes! There is a mini Bonus Module in the course that helps you decide what services to offer based on what segments involve the lowest rates of competition and best levels of client demand.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Designed to follow the creation of your Upwork account, this workshop delivers everything you need to know about building a presence on Upwork in less than 3 hours, with all notes provided to you in transcript form. Altogether, the instructional videos span a total of ~2.7 hours of content. (You can also configure your settings to play the content at 1.2x, 1.5x, 1.7x, and 2x the videos’ original speed.)

While not a core part of the curriculum, I also recommend that you check out the 8 included Bonus Guides that come with the course, which include ~30 pages of content. If you plan to utilize these, your total time to complete all content would just need to account for that as well.

Is there a set schedule for completing the course? 

Nope! This course is 100% self-paced. Your portal will track your progress as you navigate through the modules, so you can complete the course at your convenience.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes! Once you purchase the course, you will always have access to its content.

Why Upwork?

In my opinion, Upwork offers the fastest path to a thriving freelance presence because it automatically provides the essentials you need for a strong business foundation: a massive marketplace of active clients that are ready to pay, automated invoicing with payment protections, and built-in legal contracts.

This means that you don’t have to waste your time setting up invoicing software, writing or buying your own contract templates, and spending countless hours networking or marketing yourself to find clients. With all of this managed by Upwork, you are free to leap right into the work and start earning immediately.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final. Please refer to my Terms and Conditions of Use for additional information around my refund policy.

Regardless of whether you enroll, I want to leave you with this:

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. You WILL build a thriving business on Upwork if you decide that’s the only outcome you’re available for.

You do have the opportunity to build a viable, resilient, and lucrative freelance presence on your own terms. It’s time you trusted yourself to do the damn thing.

You've got this!