Why I Don't Chase Potential Freelance Clients

Why I Don't Chase Potential Freelance Clients

When you’re first starting out in freelance consulting, it can be easy to have a first conversation with a potential client and get your hopes up.

But when the days pass since your follow-up, you may find yourself spiraling into self-doubt and questioning as to what you did wrong. 

And when YOU are your business, this can really impact how you show up with current clients. So why do we waste our time and energy in this way?

The truth is: 

→ When people don’t get back to us, it’s rarely personal. 

→ Clients’ needs change. For all we know, they might have realized their cousin can do the work for free.

→ Wishing isn’t useful when you need to earn a living.

Since starting my business, I’ve shifted a TON in how I view prospective client conversations. After my initial call/proposal, I’m completely hands off in getting people to take the next step in hiring me.

This runs counter to how a lot of people do business online, but my reasoning is simple:

I’m only available for clients who love to pay me. Clients that are thrilled at the chance to work together. Clients that can barely believe that I’m available to help them. Because when your client is showing up to the project just as thrilled as you are and you’re energetically matching each other in enthusiasm for the work….

  • Every conversation is uplifting, open, and exciting. ✨
  • Every deliverable is incredible, impactful, and exactly what’s needed. 👏

And honestly? The clients you’re meant to work with don’t need a reminder email.

You really can build a business in which resistance, gripping, and desperation have no place.

Give yourself permission to trust that what’s FOR you is coming to you, and see the magic that ensues when you decide that it’s on its way.