Waiting for the Stars to Align is Your Fear Mind’s *Favorite* Tactic

Waiting for the Stars to Align is Your Fear Mind’s *Favorite* Tactic

Waiting on certain conditions to be met before pursuing our desires is the GRANDEST way our egos deceive us into not pursuing our life’s work. 

It’s human nature to make things harder than they actually are. And it’s pretty incredible, really--how our brains tell the same limiting stories over and over again, just in different settings?

The general plot line is consistent: “I must do this, so I can THEN have that.”

The backdrop varies: 

  • Feeling like you have to grind your ass off to THEN be deserving of great pay
  • Asking the opinion of everyone you know on a major life choice to THEN confidently make a decision
  • Endlessly job hopping into new roles at new companies to THEN be happy at work
  • Waiting until you have the “perfect” business idea to THEN become your own boss
  • Checking off a list of to-dos to be productive so that you can THEN feel worthy

Reality is, WE are the ones to create the “requirements” that stand in our way to what we want.

Reality is, you already have everything you need.

I built a successful freelance business with little experience, minimal savings, zero team, zero mentorship, zero networking, zero marketing.

The only thing you need to make things happen for yourself is belief:

  • Trust that your purpose was given to you for a reason.
  • Knowing that it’s yours. 
  • Expectation that it’s on its way. 

Your desires are uniquely yours by design. 

Stop inventing new reasons as to why you’re not ready to act on them yet; why the timing isn’t right.

Stop looking for permission.

Stop waiting to be saved. 

Honor yourself and do the damn thing already.